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Catnip: What is Catnip?

The world's most famous catnip! What is Catnip anyway? Where does it come from today and why do cats love it so much?

Why does your cat love catnip so much?

Catnip is the best-known catnip that exists. This plant did not steal its name, as our furry friends simply love it! But what makes this herb so special?

What is catnip?

Catnip is also called catnip, called fake or cat mint. It is a plant that comes from the lipflower family. In this family you will also find other well-known herbs, including rosemary, basil, thyme and mint. There are several varieties of these little plants, but it is the Neppe Cataria that you will find in shops under the name 'cat mint'. What makes this little plant so special for cats is the ingredient nepetalactone. Nepetalactone has a special effect on most cats. It makes some cats active, while others become very calm. One thing is certain: with this herb, your sweetheart will have the time of his life!

How do cats react to cat mint?

The reaction to cat mint can vary greatly from cat to cat. Some cats start doing the craziest moves. For instance, they will rub their heads against the herb, roll on the ground or jump a metre in the air. It is very similar to behaviour in heat. Other cats just keep staring at the plant and there are also cats that do not react to the herb at all, but these are in the minority. If your cat reacts violently to this, don't panic. Cats really like the effect and it lasts only 10 to 15 minutes.

Myth: catnip is dangerous

Is cat mint dangerous? Not at all! There is absolutely no need to worry about that. Although cat mint can make your cat react very conspicuously, it has no harmful effects on its health. Moreover, cat mint is not addictive at all. So your cat won't show any withdrawal symptoms if you stop giving him cat mint for a while. Feel free to spoil your sweet little animal with a delicious catnip snack now and then, without having to worry. He will even be very grateful to you!

Does cat mint work on every cat?

Not every cat is sensitive to cat mint, although most cats are. Generally, 80% of cats react to this herb, of which 60% show a strong reaction. They will then meow, rub against the herb, roll, and so on. These effects last for only a few minutes. Not only cats can react to cat mint, but also large cat species such as tigers.

Catnip tips

Are you planning to treat your sweet darling to a delicious cat mint snack soon? If so, we have some tips for you below!

Use it to unlearn bad behaviour

Cats simply love catnip, but this herb is so much more than a tasty snack. You can also use catnip as a healthy reward for your cat. That way, they learn in an easy way what is and what is not allowed.

Get your cat used to new toys

You've just bought a cute new cat toy, but your cat doesn't notice it at all. Do you know this feeling? Then catnip is the solution to your problem! By spraying catnip spray on the toy, you ensure that your cat suddenly does become interested in the new toy. And it gets better: you can even use it to make your cat pee where it needs to pee. Handy, right?

Replace treats with catnip

A nice treat now and then can't hurt at all, but if you give your cat too many treats, this isn't healthy either. That is why it is a good idea to alternate treats with something healthier like catnip every now and then. Even with this, you should of course not overdo it.

Avoid jealousy

If you have several cats at home, it is important not to put just one plant in the house. This could cause jealousy between the cats. Divide the plant among the cats or give each cat its own catnip toy. That way they will all be happy!

Don't let your cat out for the first 15 minutes

As cats can get a bit drowsy from catmint, it is important not to let your cat out after eating this herb. Let your cat regain both feet for 10 to 15 minutes first. That way, you won't be taking any risks!

Pamper your cat with a catnip toy

Cats absolutely love catnip, but you know what they are even more crazy about? Catnip toys! That way, they can enjoy the euphoric effect of cat mint and play at the same time. If that is not the ideal gift for your dear friend! Highly recommended is the Crazy kickers catnip ball , with this cat toy your critter will have the time of his life. He can completely indulge himself, as the toy is so strong that even a lion cannot break it!

Puss playing with Crazy kicker

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