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What does a cat actually cost?

The love you get from a cat is priceless. Still, we can imagine that as a potential cat owner, you are curious about what a cat costs.

After all, you want to make sure you can give your furry housemate the care he needs! When you get a cat, you will have to deal with one-off and recurring costs. In addition, sometimes there are unexpected costs, such as when your pet tiger gets sick and has to go to the vet. Therefore, we cannot give you an exact cost breakdown, but we list the costs for a cat you should at least consider.

One-off costs

Acquisition/adoption: the price of buying or adopting a cat varies. Will you go for a domestic cat or a pedigree cat? Will you get the cat from a private individual or from the shelter? For a cat from the shelter, you should think about an amount of around 100 euros, but the cat will be neutered and microchipped. For a pedigree cat, you pay a lot more. The price for a Maine Coon, for example, can go up to 1,000 euros.

Castration/sterilisation and chip: vets set their own prices. So the cost of a castration/sterilisation varies. On average, neutering a male cat costs between 50 and 80 euros, while for a female cat you can spend up to 135 euros. Having your pet cat chipped is not (yet) compulsory, but it is recommended. If your kitty gets lost, they will always know where to find you as the owner. Chipping a cat costs between 25 and 55 euros. Tip: for both neutering and chipping, keep an eye on any actions by vets.

Cat outfits: Are you becoming the proud owner of a cat for the first time? Then you will need quite a few things. Think for example of a basket, litter box, food and water bowl, scratching post, a brush and, of course, fun cat toys. At Kattenveertjes, you'll find everything you need to give your new house tiger a warm welcome, from challenging cat toys to fantastic scratching posts.

Recurring costs

Feed: What you spend per year on cat food depends, among other things, on the quality you go for and whether your kitty only chunks gives or also wet food. Think of cat food as a long-term investment, namely an investment in your cat's health. Go for a high-quality cat food high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Also, don't forget to treat kitty to a tasty cat snack!

Cat grit: your cat will be very grateful if you have the litter box regularly with clean cat litter and remove any droppings every day. When it comes to cat litter, you have quite a few choices. For instance, do you go for a litter that clumps or opt for wood pellets? Or make it easy on yourself with the Catsan Smart Pack!

Toys: it is important to give your pet tiger new cat toys every now and then. This will keep him curious and playful, which is good for both his physical and mental health. Check Kattenveertjes.nl regularly to see what original, new toys we have or subscribe to our Season box! This box is filled with at least five toys and a tasty snack and is delivered to your home every quarter.

Veterinarian: Even if your pet tiger is in perfect health, you still have to deal with veterinary costs every year. So it is a good idea to vaccinate your cat annually and of course you want your furry housemate to stay flea and worm-free. Here you will also find the supplies you need to groom your cat yourself. worming and de-fleaing. A tip: see if a pet insurance something for you. You pay a fixed monthly fee and many vet costs are reduced with such a insurance covered. Or put something in a piggy bank yourself every month, so you won't be faced with difficult choices when it comes to a vet visit.



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