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Moving house with your cat: here's what to think about

No matter how well you prepare it, moving house is stressful. Packing your whole life in boxes and creating a new home somewhere else is no small thing

No matter how well you prepare it, moving house is stressful. Packing up your entire life in boxes and creating a new home somewhere else is not nothing. This is also an exciting time for your cat. Pussycat has no idea what to expect and sees the moving boxes mainly as tasty sleeping places. But why does boss stuff those boxes full of stuff? Once in the new house, it will probably take a while before your house tiger is at ease again. After all, cats don't like change very much. However, there are things you can do to make the move more pleasant for your cat.

Before the move

It is a good idea to get your cat used to the carrier, crate or cat bag in which you will transport him before the move. Your furry housemate needs to see this as a nice, safe place. You can do this, for example, by putting the carrier in the room and playing with your cat's favourite cat toy near and in the carrier. A tip: matatabi is a catnip which has a relaxing effect on pooches. At Kattenveertjes you will find a variety of toys featuring matatabi, from sticks to bouncy cushions. Also spray the basket several times with catnip spray. This also has a calming effect. And if your cat is microchipped, inform the database of your new address shortly before you move in. No need to worry about that!

Moving day has arrived

To avoid nausea, make sure there is at least three hours between your pet tiger's meal and the time of departure. Half an hour before departure, spray the carrier again with catnip spray. Before the movers arrive, lock your kitty in a room, such as a bedroom. Make sure the carrier is here, as well as a bowl with water, a litter box and possibly some food if it will be a while before you leave. Hang a note on the door that the door should not be opened because the cat is in here. The room where the cat sits should be the last to be emptied by the movers. And before this happens, put your house tiger in the carrier first.

Once at the new house, it works exactly the other way round. The furniture from the room that was emptied last is put in a room in the new house first. After the furniture is placed, lock the cat in this room to recover a bit. Give water and a small amount of food and put the litter box and cat's favourite basket down. If necessary, you can put a pheromone vapouriser in the socket in the room. And if possible, it is nice if a family member can stay with your furry housemate while he explores the room.

After the move

Take a tour of the house after the movers have left. Check that all windows and doors are closed so that your feline beast can safely explore his new home. It is best to keep your cat inside for at least two weeks after a move, should you want to let your house tiger out when the time comes. Make it as much fun as possible for your cat in the new house, for example by putting his old, familiar toys and playing with him regularly. Again, you can use cat toys with matatabi use. And his favourite cat food might also help. This is how to make the move as fun as possible for your cat!

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