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These are the top 5 most fun cat toys to chase!

When you look at your cat as he comfortably lounges in his basket, having just finished his meal, you can hardly believe it!

These are the 5 cutest cat toys to chase!

If you look at your cat as he lounges comfortably in his basket, having just finished his meal, it is hard to believe that he harbours an ancient instinct: the hunting instinct. In the past, his wild ancestors needed this instinct to gather enough food, but even now that you provide his food, this instinct remains in our pets. Even in cats kept indoors. Of course, you would rather not have him exert this instinct on innocent birds or mice. Fortunately, you can also use your cat's hunting instinct in a positive way, as it is a good incentive to get him to play. These five cat toys will make your pet tiger's inner hunter very happy!

1. Kattenveertjes

Fan mail cat with cat feathers

From kitten to senior and large to small, the hunting instinct of all cats is sparked by our original Kattenveertjes! These sturdy plastic bouncy springs spring into action at the slightest touch of a cat's paw and your furry housemate will happily chase after them. They come in three different sizes (small, large and JUMBO), or opt for the sniff pack, so your house tiger can pick his favourite himself!

2. Kattenveertjes Bonks

fanmail liobialeybengals cat feathers bonks

Bonks (also available in JUMBO variant) are flexible nylon tubes that you can shoot away, or that your house tiger can get at by itself. And once caught, a cat can easily carry this 'prey' in its mouth. Does your cat like to play with our Bonks? Then he will find the fur balls probably too crazy, too. This is actually two cat toys, a Bonk and a ball, combined into one super toy. Let the chasing begin!

3. Mouse

mouse with colourful feather tail

Mouse, the toy variety that is, always remain fun to chase. In terms of appearance, this cat toy comes closest to a real prey, although we also have some eye-catching ones in our range with glitter and feathers. One of our favourites is the woollen mouse with long tail. Fun to play with together! Domestic tigers also like to romp with toy mice that squeak; this sound makes them even more enthusiastic. And at Kattenveertjes you will also find mice on a suction cup feather, a fun toy for cats that like to bang their paw against something.

4. Balls

Coloured wool ball and rainbow ball

Another classic and favourite among cat toys: the ball. Pussycat only has to touch it with his paw and there goes the ball again. Cats never get tired of chasing a ball, especially if you alternate between, for example soft balls and crisp balls. The latter make a crackling sound as soon as they are touched. If you notice that your cat is encouraged in its hunting game by sound, also try the JUMBO squishy ball or our tiger balls!

5. Wool tails

cottontail cat toys

With wool tails house tigers will be busy for a while. This cat toy made of felt is highly resistant to your cat's nails and teeth, which is a good thing, because he will probably be tapping his colourful prey in no time. Thanks to its light weight and soft texture, cats also easily take the woollen tail in their mouths. And with this cat toy, you can also play together. For example, move the woollen tail away from your cat like a sneaking prey and don't be alarmed when it goes on the attack!

To make sure your home tiger stays tasty play/hunting, we recommend changing cat toys regularly. This will keep kitty curious and enthusiastic!

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