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These are the smaller cat breeds

Kittens grow up quickly, but some get bigger than others. If you would like a cat that stays a bit small, take a look at one of these cats.

Kittens grow up at lightning speed, but some get bigger than others. If you would like a cat that stays a bit small, take a look at one of these cat breeds.

1. Singapura

Its relatively large eyes and ears keep the Singapura looking like a kitten at all times. This cat breed loves to climb, so with a high scratching post you are doing him a big favour. Singapuras are affectionate cats who enjoy playing with you.

2. Siamese

The Siamese may not be the smallest in body size, but its slender build means this cat breed still belongs on this list. These pooches are intelligent and curious, and they can really enjoy strategic games or some other form of enrichment. In our e-book 'Back to nature with your home tiger' read more about enrichment.

3. Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a relatively small cat breed with a peculiar, curly coat that is very fragile. Brushing is therefore out of the question. These domestic tigers are very people-oriented and love to get attention. They greatly appreciate it if you create a warm place for them, as they are chilly types, for example by having a Comfy Cave put down.

4. Cornish Rex

At first glance, the Cornish Rex resembles the Devon Rex, but these cat breeds are not related. Moreover, the Cornish Rex is somewhat smaller. They like to play together with their owner, but cat toys that move, such as the KONG Softies Buzzy Llama Whether the floundering fish by Trixie, is also doing well.

5. Burmese

The Burmese also remains relatively small. Due to their compact physique, these cats quickly suffer from obesity, so it is important to keep them moving. For example, let the Burmese chase prey on the playing rod booster. Thick fun guaranteed!

6. Balinese

The Balinese resembles a Siamese, but has a long coat that is regularly brushed should be. This cat breed can quickly become bored if there are not enough positive stimuli at hand. Enrichment so is also recommended at the Balinese.

7. Munchkin

We were in doubt whether to include the Munchkin in this list, as it is illegal to breed this small cat breed in the Netherlands. And with good reason, because the Munchkin has short legs due to a form of dwarfism. A defect, in fact, that should not be bred on. Because of their short legs, Munchkins cannot behave naturally for cats, such as jumping or running, so they would never survive in the wild.

In the tropical forests of Sri Lanka and India lives a small cat that does know how to get by in the wild, the rust cat. The rust cat looks like a kitten at an average length of 40 centimetres, but do not underestimate this small feline, as it can hunt like the best!

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