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the cat toy specialist

Strengthen the bond with your cat

A cat is known to have their own will, so sometimes it can be quite difficult as a cat owner to build a good relationship with your cat.

Cats are known to have a mind of their own and sometimes, as a new cat owner, it can be difficult to build a good relationship with your cat. Despite being quite independent, cats themselves find it important to have a good relationship with their owner. And as cat lovers, we naturally want nothing more than a good relationship with our pet tiger. Kattenveertjes gives some good tips about this in this blog to get you started.

Know your cat

To make your cat happy and joyful, you obviously need to get to know him well first. What does your cat like and what doesn't he like? Is he a cuddler or does he prefer to lie somewhere quiet and alone in his own spot? Does he not like being stroked on his tummy? When you know how much and what kind of attention your pet cat likes, you will get along well together in the house and become friends. When you know your cat well, you will also be much quicker to pick up on signals that tell you that something might be wrong or that your cat is not feeling well. Then you can also start intervening more quickly and make sure your fluffy friend is feeling fit again in no time.

Giving attention and playing together

When you are at home, it is important to give your cat plenty of attention. Of course, always respect your cat's preferences, but try to schedule at least a few playtime moments a day. This way, your cat can release its energy, is mentally challenged and you can just have a lot of fun together. Whether you are together with a ball or bonk playing, or with a rod with an attractive accessory, the inner hunter is guaranteed to surface. If you spend a lot of time with your cat, your bond will naturally grow and improve. This will ensure a friendly cat that experiences less stress and boredom.

Safety and comfort

On the other hand, when your pet tiger is out cold and sleeping with his paws stretched out, it is best to leave him alone. If you start touching or lifting him while he is sleeping, he might get scared and won't feel safe. In the house, also provide a quiet place where he can retreat to take a nap or escape from the world. A nook, basket or soft berth to be able to hide is a good idea to create a safe home for your cat.

Care and pampering

A weekly brushing can be a great way to groom your fluffy friend while also building a bond of trust. Two birds with one stone: a clean, well-groomed cat that feels safe and comfortable in your presence. Besides, with cats love goes through the stomach. Tasty and healthy food and a snack in due course will certainly make your cat purr with pleasure. Your cat will know who is providing that tasty meal and will trust you more.

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