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the cat toy specialist


the cat toy specialist


Poeslief goes wild with black and white Kattenveertjes JUMBO!

We don't only think about house tigers while designing our cat toys, but also about their owners. That's why we now have black and white JUMBO Kattenveertjes, in addition to the coloured ones! Your cat doesn't care what colour its favourite cat toy is, but you might prefer a less conspicuous colour, such as black or white. Our original JUMBO Kattenveertjes are 8.5 centimetres long and just a little wider than the other sizes. There are a total of 10 white and black JUMBO Kattenveertjes in a bag, which are made of sturdy plastic. So Pussycat can play with them to his heart's content, hit them and take them in his mouth as prey. Not sure which size Kattenveertjes your pet tiger prefers to play with? Then try the sniff pack with black and white Kattenveertjes.

The purrfect prey

The hunting instinct is a good trigger to get cats to play and our black and white Kattenveertjes JUMBO are a favourite prey. The light weight of the springs makes them move at the slightest touch of a cat's paw, the moment the hunt can begin! Store the JUMBO Kattenveertjes after playing and regularly check that they are not damaged, because then it is time to replace them. They are very sturdy, but won't last forever.

Every cat's hobby: hunting

The white and black JUMBO Kattenveertjes are perfect for hunting due to their dexterity, but we have many other cat toys that appeal to your cat's inner hunter. One of our favourites is the playing rod, where you can find all kinds of different prey can hang from and realistically mimic hunting. Classics among cat toys are mice and balls, which we have in all kinds of variations in our extensive range, but be sure to check out our other toys in the hunting category. We have the purrfect prey for every cat!

This product is 100% original from Kattenveertjes. 

This means that this product is produced entirely by Kattenveertjes and has been extensively tested for safety and durability. Only products produced by ourselves receive the stamp '100% Original from Kattenveertjes'. So when you see this stamp, you can be sure it's right!

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Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Kattenveertjes JUMBO Zwart/Wit

  1. Tanja Eeckhout-De Vries -

    Cats love it

  2. Ann De Laeter -

    The sturdiest cat feathers available

  3. Astrid van Kol -

    Kat loves it!!!

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Kattenveertjes JUMBO Black/White

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Poeslief goes wild with black and white Kattenveertjes JUMBO!


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