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These are the Popular Cat Breeds

What are the seven most popular cat breeds? In this blog, we discuss these cat breeds!

Of course, your pet tiger is the sweetest thing on earth. You can enjoy playing with your furry friend and in the evening he will snuggle up on your lap. Whether it is a pedigree cat or a domestic cat (htk). But what are the most popular cat breeds? And what kind of character traits go with these breeds? Here they come in no particular order.

1. Norwegian forest cat

This (semi-)long-haired breed is originally, contrary to what its name suggests, from the area around Turkey, southern Russia and Iran. It is likely that the Normans brought animals to Scandinavia, where the breed developed further.
Norwegian forest cats are beautiful to look at. With its rather large stature, tufts from the ears, woolly undercoat and long, coarse hair as its outer coat, it is somewhat reminiscent of a lynx. A Norwegian forest cat is relaxed, easygoing (both with people and other pets) and loves to cuddle. But he is also active and curious, an excellent tree-climber and remains playful into old age. So make sure you keep this boost and weld in a few moments of play every day. Fun for you and for your forest cat!

2. Maine Coon

Another long-haired popular breed is the Maine Coon (maincoon). This breed is originally from North America. The breed got its name from the fact that people thought it was a cross between raccoons (racoons) and cats and this breed was most common in the state of Maine. The Maine Coon is large and not fully grown until around four years old. The coat is easy to maintain as there is little undercoat present. Brushing once a week is generally sufficient. In terms of character, it is a calm, friendly and affectionate breed. The Maine Coon also likes to play. Some retrieve (!) and others love to play with water to play. So definitely buy some balls, allowing your furry friend to expend his energy.

3. Naked cat/Sphynx

From the long-haired breeds, we move to a hairless breed: the nude cat. The breed originated in Canada, where it was bred with hairless animals.
Precisely because this cat breed has no fur (just a very thin layer of down), the skin requires special care. Skin grease that is normally absorbed by the hair remains on the skin. A Sphynx therefore needs an occasional bath. And be careful with sunlight too, as the skin can burn due to the lack of hair.
This breed loves attention and is not afraid to demand it. They are very affectionate, focused on 'their human' and can chase you around the house all day. They prefer to sleep in bed with you.

4. Devon Rex

This breed originated in the town of Devon in the UK.
It is quite an appearance. External features include a curly, very short coat, a wedge-shaped head with large eyes and very large ears, and a broad chest. The fur is very fragile, where your pooch can reach with its tongue bald spots often appear, and the whiskers can also break off.
The Devon Rex is very energetic and loves to climb, jump and scramble. A tall scratching post and some sitting boards along the wall make this breed very happy. This cat breed loves attention and lots of cuddling.

5. Bengal

This breed originated in the United States after crossing a wild leopard cat with a domestic cat.
In terms of appearance, this cat breed also has a truly 'wild' appearance: an unusual markings with spots on the body and stripes or spots on the paws. It is a muscular breed with a relatively small head with high cheekbones. They are very energetic, intelligent animals and you should give them plenty of opportunities to expend their energy. The Bengal loves climbing and loves water. Think of an obstacle course that incorporates these things. Or work with a clicker or target training To keep challenging your home tiger.

6. British shorthair

The British shorthair is originally from, as the name suggests, Britain. The breed was probably brought here by the Romans.
This cat breed looks a bit like a teddy bear due to its thick fur, round head with small round ears and sturdy build. British shorthairs are sweet, calm and have a balanced character. They are a very easygoing breed. They are not superenergic, but they do love to play and therefore also need plenty of distractions.

7. European shorthair/Home, garden and kitchen cat

This is the breed you see by far the most in the Netherlands. Originally from Scandinavia, this cat breed has developed naturally over the years, without human interference. This breed therefore has fewer hereditary diseases than the previously mentioned breeds.
European shorthairs come in all shapes and sizes: from cypers to solid black, from small to large, from high on legs to shorter paws. Little can be said about the character traits of this breed, as there are one or more purebred cats with their own unique characteristics in the bloodline of almost every domestic cat.

In conclusion

If you are thinking about buying your own pet tiger, think carefully about what kind of (breed) cat suits you. For example, are you at home a lot or are you often out and about? Would you like a cat that is very focused on you or do you prefer a pet that goes its own way a bit more? Would you like an older animal or a kitten? In any case, there are many cats and kittens in the shelter, some of which have been waiting a long time for an owner. One advantage is that the character is usually already known. And if you go for a pedigree cat, look for a recognised breeder, so you get an animal that is as healthy as possible.

Furthermore, you will have to be prepared to give up part of your home to your furry friend. For example, consider a litter box, scratching post, basket, toys, and so on. Each pet also brings with it necessary costs, such as food, medical care (vaccinations, spay/neuter, chip), and so on. And it is especially important that you have enough time to give your cat attention, for example by playing and cuddling with him. Playing with your kitty is incredibly important. They are hunters and need to expend their energy. So have fun with fun cat toys like Kattenveertjes, rods, balls, feather sticks and play mice. And you get so much in return: unconditional love, hugs, a free alarm clock (I want food!), a heater on your lap during cold days, a listening ear (without comments) and lots of wonderful experiences.

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