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Keep this in mind when raising a kitten

A kitten is perhaps one of the most kept and adorable pets you can imagine. Of course, a kitten needs a lot of

A kitten is perhaps one of the most kept and adorable pets you can imagine. Of course, a kitten needs a lot of care get to grow into a good and well-behaved cat when it grows up. Therefore, there are some things you do need to consider when you decide to buy a kitten. Raising a kitten is not something that happens overnight. It requires a lot of attention and, of course, patience. It is also important that you get the right things to take good care of the kitten and give it a safe place where it feels at home. It's quite an adventure, but it will definitely pay off when you put in the right attention to ensure a good upbringing.

A kitten-proof home

Of course, a kitten is a small cat, and no matter how small they are, they will always be looking for adventures. This is very nice, but of course this needs to be done in a safe way. This is why it is important to make the home kitten-proof. By making the home kitten-proof, it can simply go on adventures without getting hurt or incurring unnecessary costs when materials are broken. For example, work away loose cords and make sure all toxic products are hidden. Sharp edges, for example on furniture, should be hidden and it is also important not to leave windows open. Many homes have stairs. However, it is advisable not to let kittens climb stairs until they are a bit older because there is a chance the kitten could fall down and hurt itself in the fall.

A pleasant living environment

A kitten, like every young animal and human, is not yet immediately accustomed to crowds. It needs a safe and pleasant living environment it can get used to. Provide this. Provide a quiet home containing the opportunity for the kitten to hide in corners and where it has a play area.

Letting a kitten play outside

If you plan to let the kitten outside, be sure to do so only when it has been neutered and microchipped. In addition, it might be wise not to leave it outside unsupervised and just let it play in its own garden. In addition, it is also advisable not to let the kitten outside until it is at least six months old. Before that, the kitten is quite susceptible to diseases and may even lose its way.

Good nutrition

Kittens do not yet have good immunity right away. One of the most important elements to make kittens as strong and healthy as possible is by providing good food give. The food contains all kinds of important building blocks that the kitten needs to grow well and become healthy.

Avoid worms and ear mites

Getting worms is just as annoying as getting ear mites. You can prevent this by at least taking the right precautions to prevent it. Get proper information from your vet. Ear mites are also very contagious so you really need to take this into account.


A kitten is very sweet, which is why many people make the mistake of allowing everything the kitten does. But this is not entirely helpful as it is busy trying to remember what it is and is not allowed to do. It will also be difficult to unlearn a cat's bad habits later on. Start it as early as possible and also be sure to let it get used to the litter box to housebreak it.

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