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Help, my cat pees in the house! What now?

It is very annoying when your cat pees in the house, and we don't mean in the litter box. Peeing or spraying in the house can have several causes.

It is very annoying when your cat pees in the house, and we don't mean in the litter box. Peeing or spraying in the house can have several causes. For instance, your cat may have medical complaints, your house tiger may not be happy with his litter tray, or there may be something that causes catty to experience stress. There is no point in punishing your cat for peeing in the house, this often even has the opposite effect (stress!), but that the problem needs to be addressed is clear. In this blog, we give you tips on how to stop spraying or urinating in the house.

The difference between peeing and spraying

The first step to tackle this problem is to determine whether your cat sprays or pees in the house. This is because there is a difference and the approach to the problem is slightly different. Peeing is done while sitting or squatting, spraying is done while standing. Sometimes the tail twitches while doing this, or your cat may kick its hind legs a bit. And yes, cats can also spray. Even if the damage has already been done, you can usually still tell the difference between peeing and spraying. Spraying cats often do against something, such as a wall, window or furniture. The urine - this can be a few drops, but also a puddle - is therefore higher up. If you find a puddle on your bed or somewhere in a room, it is probably urination.

Is there a medical cause?

Whether your cat urinates or sprays, always rule out a medical cause. For example, kitty could be suffering from bladder problems, such as cystitis or a bladder infection. The vet can determine whether there is a medical cause for urinating or spraying in the house through a urinalysis and possibly blood tests. If there isn't, then the problem may be caused by the litter tray.

Blog litter box information

Take a critical look at your litter box(s)

Cats are very picky when it comes to the litter box GOES. Did you recently buy a new litter box, move the box or use a different cat litter? If so, this could be the cause of spraying or urinating. Try if the spraying or urination stops if you bring everything back to the old one. In addition, it is important that the tray is clean, so go there regularly with the cat litter tray through it. And maybe your house tiger has a preference for a particular type of bowl. Many cats find a litter box without lid pleasant, or a closed litter box without a door. The litter is also important, but this is a matter of trial and error to see which kitty likes best. If you want to make changing the litter box as easy as possible, try the Catsan Smart Pack. If you want to know more about the litter box, read our blog.

Spraying due to stress

Peeing in the house almost always has to do with the litter tray or a medical complaint. However, cats also spray when they experience stress, for example when a new (furry) housemate has arrived or when one of the neighbouring cats is cheeky and enters your house or garden. See what you can do to remove the cause of the stress. For example, there are cat flaps that respond to your cat's chip and it can help to provide plenty of (high) comfortable spots in the house where kitty can retreat. In addition, you can reduce your house tiger's stress by catnip deploy. For example, consider matatabi sticks, Happy Pet Catnip Spray, or a cuddle cushion With a nice fragrance.

If you still cannot solve the problem yourself, it is advisable to hire a cat behaviourist.

Practical: this is how to clean pee spots

Until the problem is solved, you will have to clean the peeing or spraying spots, otherwise you are likely to have other (neighbouring) cats peeing over them too. Make a lather with Biotex or baking soda and use this to clean the peeing spot.

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