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Do you take out insurance for your cat?

You may have wondered: does insuring your cat make sense? There are a lot of pet insurance options available.

You may have wondered: does insuring your cat make sense? There are a lot of pet insurance options, and even specifically cat insurance. But is it really necessary? And what should you all look out for when you decide to take out cat insurance? Kattenveertjes helps you further in this blog with some tips and advice.

What is cat insurance?

With cat insurance, you pay a monthly premium to be covered against illness or accidents. If your cat is sick or injured and is taken to the vet or a hospital for treatment, you can use your insurance to cover these costs. There are different types of insurance, from the cheaper to the more expensive, each with its own list of what exactly is or is not covered. So this is where you need to do your own research to see what suits you and your cat best.

Advantages and disadvantages of cat insurance

Of course, you have to pay when you take out cat insurance. So the monthly premium becomes a recurring cost for you. But with that monthly amount, you do avoid a sudden and unexpectedly high bill at the vet. Insurance is therefore a good solution to start (partially) covering costly treatments and thus enable you to provide the best care for your cat. When surgery or treatment for a chronic illness is needed, it can quickly cost more than 1,000 euros. So you have to weigh up whether you will be able to afford this at that time. Cat insurance immediately ensures that a large part of these costs are covered. From about €10 a month, you already get good basic insurance that covers the most common veterinary treatments. Just think of a consultation or laboratory examination, medicines, a medically necessary operation or X-rays. So there is the certainty that you will always be able to take care of your cat concerns. So for you, it certainly offers some peace of mind and allows you to budget properly.


What else should you look out for?

It is good to start comparing different insurance policies. Of course, a kitten has different needs and risks as a senior cat. Think carefully about exactly what your cat needs. Look carefully at the maximum reimbursement, how much you will have to pay yourself and what is (not) covered. It is the case that insurers exclude some costs. So be aware of this. There are comparison sites to help you make the right choice and avoid under- or overinsurance.

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